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Ever wanted perform on stage?

Ever wanted to write jokes?

Ever wanted to tell your jokes/perform on stage?

Ever wanted the confidence just to get up on

stage in the first place?

Why not sign up for one of our Shoe Cake Comedy 'Stockton On Tee-hee's' comedy courses. 

Hosted at the historic Green Dragon Studio's and Georgian Theatre in Stockton On Tees. 

We host Beginners Stand Up Courses, Advanced Stand Up Courses, and Improvised Comedy Workshops. All of which are great way to meet new friends, improve your confidence, take those first steps onto the stand up / performance ladder (if you choose to do so), and above all … have some fun.  

All courses and workshops are taught by experienced tutors who perform professionally on the comedy circuit - plus there are loads of other perks too. 

Find out more here 👇

Stand Up Comedy Course (BASED IN STOCKTON)

Improv Comedy Course (BASED IN LEEDS)

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